Discover the Ideal Number of Air Purifiers for Your Home

Discover the Ideal Number of Air Purifiers for Your Home - Snap Air

Finding the perfect balance of air purifiers for your home is key to ensuring that every breath is as clean and healthy as possible. Let's explore how to tailor your air purifying strategy to your home's unique layout and your personal needs.

Key Points

  • Versatility of Powerful Units: A single, powerful air purifier like the Blast can clean air in multiple rooms of an open-plan home when left running over time, similar to how one heater can warm multiple areas.
  • Individual Needs Matter: Tailor the number and placement of air purifiers based on specific needs. For pet allergies, have purifiers in rooms where pets spend time. For localized allergies, one purifier in a high-use area may be enough.
  • Strategic Placement: Position air purifiers centrally if possible for maximum efficiency, ensuring they're not obstructed by walls or furniture for optimal air distribution.
  • Portability for Flexibility: Models such as the Sqair and SA600 offer easy mobility to provide clean air where it's needed most, adapting to your daily activities.
  • Noise and CADR: Balance purifier performance with acceptable noise levels for your environment. Ensure the purifier's CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is appropriate for the size of the room for effective air cleaning.

Do I Need an Air Purifier in Each Room?

The question of whether you need an air purifier in each room is like determining how many heaters you require during the chillier months. A powerful air purifier, like our Blast model, can make a difference in adjacent rooms over time, especially with doors open, allowing air to circulate freely. According to Smart Air, a larger unit can effectively clean a spacious apartment, making it a cost-effective option for open-plan layouts.

Is One Air Purifier Enough?

For many homes, especially those with an open plan, a single, powerful unit can significantly improve air quality in multiple connected spaces. The key is continuous operation, allowing the purifier to cycle through the air in one room and then pull in air from others. However, in homes with separate, closed-off rooms, you may still consider additional units to ensure that each space maintains optimal air quality.

Understanding Individual Needs

The number of air purifiers you need also depends on specific needs. If pet allergies are a concern and your pets have free range in the house, you might need a purifier in each room they frequent. But if allergy flare-ups are localised to where you spend most of your time, like the living room, one purifier in that space may suffice.

Where to Place an Air Purifier

Place your air purifier in a spot where it can distribute clean air evenly and isn't hindered by walls or furniture. Central placement is typically recommended for maximum efficacy. But remember, even the most powerful air purifiers work best when they're not fighting against closed doors.

The Practicality of Portable Air Purifiers

Our portable models, like the Sqair and SA600, can be easily moved to where they're needed most, reflecting the dynamic nature of daily life. For larger spaces, our Blast and Blast Mini come with wheels, combining high efficiency with convenience.

Tailoring to Your Home's Layout

While a powerful purifier can impact multiple rooms, strategic placement is crucial. In a multi-story home or a layout with many separate rooms, several purifiers may be the answer to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Considering Noise Level and CADR

The noise level is a vital consideration, particularly in bedrooms or quiet spaces. Choose a purifier that balances performance with a noise level that's comfortable for you. Additionally, sizing air purifiers appropriately based on their Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is crucial for efficiency. This is because many air purifiers sold in New Zealand unfortunately mislead customers with their quoted room sizes.

Visit our Guide to Choosing an Air Purifier to understand how to match the purifier's power with your room's size.

    Wrapping Up

    The right number of air purifiers for your home blends the consideration of physical space, personal health needs, and practicality. With the correct placement and sizing, based on CADR, you can ensure your air purifiers work quietly and effectively, wherever you need them.

    Ready to breathe easier? Explore our selection of air purifiers, and let's find the perfect fit for your space and lifestyle.