Stay Safe with a Smart Air CO₂ Monitor: Available Now in NZ

Stay Safe with a Smart Air CO₂ Monitor: Available Now in NZ

Why should you consider CO₂ monitoring? Whether its the home, office, school, clinic or bar, monitoring CO₂ levels is an important consideration to keep people healthy! Awareness about indoor air quality has been growing, especially since covid has brought in many lessons about virus transmission indoors. The importance of ventilation and filtering has been made clear but it's important to have the right data to know how effective this is and when to take action.

Why CO Monitoring Matters

The Importance of CO Monitoring to Avoid Illness

Monitoring CO₂ levels is important because high concentrations indicate that you're breathing in recycled air from others, increasing the chances of transmitting viruses and other pathogens. When CO₂ levels are high, it's important to take action by opening windows or increasing ventilation to ensure fresh air circulation. When this isn't an option, using an air purifier will help by capturing viruses and pathogens in the HEPA filter.

The Impacts of CO on your health

High concentrations of CO₂ can also have direct impacts on your health. That afternoon lull in the office? Might be because of high CO₂ levels! It can cause feelings of drowsiness, headaches and difficulties concentrating.

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What to Look for in a CO Monitor

When selecting a CO₂ monitor, there are a few key features to consider:

NDIR Sensor

An NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor is the most accurate and reliable type for CO₂ monitoring. 


A portable CO monitor allows you to move it between rooms or take it with you on the go.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity allows for real-time data tracking and alerts, making it easier to monitor and manage CO levels remotely.

Benefits of Our New CO₂ Monitor

Our newly released CO monitor stands out for several reasons:

Stay or go!

Our monitor can be easily mounted on a wall, allowing it to be in a fixed location for continuous monitoring. It also boasts a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about frequent recharging.

Alternatively, take it on the go! Compact, light and combined with the long battery life means you can take it with you around the house, office or traveling!

Affordable and Accurate

Now Kiwis have an affordable CO monitor that doesn't compromise on accuracy. With its NDIR sensor from Sensirion, we can offer high precision at a price point that won't break the bank.

Comparison to Other Products

Aranet 4 Comparison

The Aranet 4 has long been considered one of the best and most accurate options on the market. In New Zealand until now it's also been one of the few credible choices.

The Smart Air CO monitor provides similar functionality and features but at a very affordable price of just $149.99 with free shipping NZ wide!

Don't just take our word for it. For a detailed and independent comparison, check out this review.

Why Our CO2 Monitor is the Best Choice for You

With its top-of-the-line features, affordability, and ease of use, our CO2 monitor is the perfect solution for ensuring safe indoor air quality in your home or office. Don’t miss out on this essential tool—visit our product page to learn more and make a purchase today!

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