Which Air Purifiers Are Best for Quieter Sleep Environments?

Which Air Purifiers Are Best for Quieter Sleep Environments?

Waking up to a stuffy nose, feeling congested, or experiencing exacerbated asthma symptoms can be early signs that the air quality in your bedroom needs improvement. Air purifiers have been noted for their ability to enhance the air we breathe as we snooze. However, while on the quest for cleaner air, the last thing anyone wants is a noisy machine buzzing through the night. This piece dives into the essential factors that contribute to making an air purifier both effective in purifying the air and quiet enough to ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

Top considerations for your bedroom air purifier:

  • Importance of Clean Air in the Bedroom: Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you spend a significant chunk of your life. Ensuring it has clean, allergen-free air is crucial for your respiratory health and overall well-being.
  • The Noise Conundrum: While air purifiers are beneficial, their noise levels can be a deal-breaker for restful sleep. It's essential to find a balance between effective air purification (CADR values) and low noise levels, especially on lower settings.
  • Transparency in Performance Metrics: Many manufacturers may not provide clear CADR values at quieter settings or may overestimate the recommended room sizes. Transparency in noise level and CADR metrics is vital to make an informed choice.
  • What Does 'Quiet' Really Mean? For undisturbed sleep, experts recommend air purifiers with noise levels below 30dB. Some models, like The Sqair (23dB), SA600 (24dB), and Blast (29dB), fall within this quiet spectrum.
  • Don’t Let the Lights Disturb You: The display lights on air purifiers can be disturbing in a dark room. Opt for simple models with no lights or displays which can switch off to maintain a dark, sleep-conducive environment.

The Significance of Clean Air in Your Sleep Sanctuary

Your bedroom is more than just a space to sleep; it's a sanctuary where you recharge. Ensuring it harbors clean, allergen-free air is indispensable for your respiratory health and overall well-being.

The Balancing Act: Noise Levels and Air Purification Efficiency

The Noise Factor

The tranquility of your bedroom is paramount. While some air purifiers may sound like mini-tornadoes on their max settings, finding a quieter option that doesn't compromise on air purification is key.

CADR Values at Quieter Settings

Lower settings often equate to quieter operation but may also mean decreased CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). It's a tad challenging since many manufacturers often skirt around providing CADR values at these quieter settings.

Manufacturers can also be a bit too optimistic with their recommended room sizes. In reality, on lower speed settings, a few of these units might just about manage the air in your wardrobe!

Transparency in Performance Metrics

We believe in transparency and provide the noise level and CADR of all our products to help you make an informed choice:

Model Speed CADR Space cleaned in 20mins Noise
The Sqair High 315m³ 42m² 52dB
Medium 180 24m² 43dB
Low 65 9m² 23dB
SA600 High 500 67m² 53dB
Medium 260 35m² 39dB
Low 135 18m² 24dB
Blast Mini High 740 99m² 49dB
Medium 450 60m² 43dB
Low 340 45m² 36dB
Blast High 950 127m² 43dB
Medium 680 91m² 37dB
Low 450 60m² 29dB

So, How Quiet is 'Quiet'?

For serene sleep, experts generally recommend noise levels below 30dB. To give you a helping hand:

Model Noise level (low)
The Sqair 23dB
SA600 24dB
Blast 29dB

However, if you’re a fan of white noise (pun intended) and find it soothing, then you can afford to crank your air purifier up a notch without compromising on sleep quality.

Lights Out for Better Sleep

One often overlooked aspect of air purifiers in bedrooms is their displays. While many air purifiers come with display lights that can disrupt your sleep, our models are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, devoid of any light-up displays. This ensures nothing comes between you and a peaceful night's sleep, maintaining a dark, serene environment conducive for rest.

Wrapping it Up

Selecting the right air purifier for your bedroom might take a bit of research, but the rewards — in the form of undisturbed, rejuvenating sleep — are well worth the effort. Ensure you consider noise levels, CADR values at those levels, and the option to have a display-free night. Here’s to breathing easy and sleeping even easier!

For sleep friendly options, make sure to check out our range!

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