Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air
Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier - Snap Air

Smart Air SA600 Air Purifier

The SA600 Air Purifier combines sleek design with top-notch air cleaning for spaces up to 60m². Equipped with dual H13 HEPA and activated carbon filters, it removes over 99.97% of particles, odours, and chemicals. With five speed settings and a quiet operation range of 24-53dB, it delivers powerful, customisable air purification without disturbing your daily activities or sleep.
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Package Contents

SA600 Air Purifier
2x H13 HEPA Filters
2x Carbon (VOC) Filter
2x Washable Pre Filters
Instruction Manual

Manual & Downloads

Filter Lifespans & Replacements

Expected HEPA lifespan: 
4750 hours or 19 months.

Learn more about replacement frequency here.

Replacement Filters:



Shipping & Returns

Introducing the SA600, our latest high-performance air purifier that combines elegant design with powerful air cleaning capabilities. With two advanced H13 HEPA filters, it captures over 99.97% of particles, including allergens, pet dander, and dust, ensuring your air stays fresh and healthy. The dual activated carbon filters further removes odours and chemicals, making it ideal for pet owners, allergy sufferers, and families.

The SA600 offers five speed settings to customise air flow for different needs, making it suitable for any space. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 500m³/hour, it can purify a 60m² area in just 18 minutes. Despite its impressive performance, it operates quietly at noise levels between 24dB and 53dB, so it won't disrupt your daily activities or sleep. Perfect for creating a cleaner, healthier environment in your home.

Powerful Performance: 
Purpose built to provide maximum cleaning power. It can clean 60m² in just 18 mins! Compare this to our competitors which may manage this feat once per hour at best. 

Sleep in Silence : 
Designed to ensure you'll never need to turn it off. Just 24dB when you need to sleep and 53dB on full power.

Dual H13 HEPA Filters: 
These High Efficiency Filters have an efficiency of 99.97% against 0.3 micron particles, and even better against smaller nano-particles! They'll capture dust, smoke, viruses, pet dander and more.

Dual Activated Carbon Filters: 
Packing twice the activated carbon as many competitors. These help neutralise smoke, fumes, VOCs, and household odours from pets or cooking.

Dual Washable Pre-Filters:
Prolong the life of the HEPA filter by capturing larger particles and pet hair.

Choice of 5 Different Speeds:
Find the perfect combination of and noise with 5 different speed settings!

Save on Power Costs: 
The SA600 manages to use a measly 9 Watts on medium speed! Run it 24/7 and you won't even notice the impact on your power bill.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good value

Good value for the price point (both for the unit and future replacement filters). Decent specs for home (hepa filter for covid safety). Easy to set up and operate. Can be easily moved around (though no wheels). Clean lines looks-wise. Recommended.

Faizal H.
Perfect, Awesome Purifier

The Smart Air SA600 works like a charm. From the moment it was put on, the room felt fresher, lesser dampness and definitely much lesser dander flying around as we have cats. Definitely will invest in more units in the future. Highly recommended A++++

Excellent product and service

I have found the SA600 highly benefical in helping to reduce the off-gassing from the newly fitted carpets and kitchen cabinetry in my home. It has provided releif from the effects of the off-gassing on my health. The unit is designed well, making its operation and changing of the filters easy. The service I received was excellent and very informative.


I bought this to gift to my son’s classroom to try and reduce the risk of airborne pathogens (COVID, influenza, the common cold etc) for him and his classmates. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you!


Get a Good Nights Rest! 😴

Enjoy a silent sanctuary of clean air while you sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question that's not on here?

Can the SA600 Help with Asthma & Allergies?

Yes! While we can't guarantee it will help everyone in every situation, the combination of the HEPA filters and the very high clean air output of the SA600 is very potent! It means any pollutants in the air which may trigger Asthma or Allergies will be quickly removed.

Common triggers including dust, mould spores, pet dander and pollen will all be captured by the HEPA filter.

Does the SA600 Have an Auto-Mode or Air Quality Sensor?

No, the SA600 has been designed for simplicity and affordability. While it may seem logical to want your air purifier to activate when it senses poor air quality. Many manufacturers unfortunately add on a cheap inaccurate air quality sensor and then charge you more for what should be a simple product! This means the air purifier may allow unhealthy levels of pollutants in the air.

Instead we recommend running the SA600 whenever people are around, or even 24/7 - our air purifiers are designed to last! You can also purchase an accurate standalone air quality monitor from us to better understand your air and how effective the air purifier is.

How Do I Know When to Replace the Filters?

For the HEPA Filters:
As the filter slowly fills up with pollutants, you'll see it get discoloured from it's original white. Often it will appear grey or black. If you notice the SA600 doesn't seem to be providing as much clean air as before, have a look at the HEPA filter. We provide an estimate of a 19 month lifespan based on 8 hours use per day in NZ.

Carbon Filters:
Because it's very hard to estimate their lifespan, we recommend checking regularly by conducting the smell test. If it has an acidic/metallic smell then the filter is saturated and can no longer absorb VOCs and Odours.

Learn more about both including the smell test by checking out our blog article here.

The Filter Light is Flashing, Should I Change the Filters?

Like many other air purifiers, the filter replacement light comes on after a set number of hours of use. In New Zealand conditions, your filter will typically last longer. See below to determine when to replace the filter.

To reset the filter reminder, hold the button under the filter light for 4 seconds.

Can the SA600 Filter Nanoparticles?

Yes, the HEPA filter on the SA600 can indeed filter out nanoparticles! While some brands claim only their specific air purifiers can capture nanoparticles, this isn't true. Every proper HEPA filter, such as the H13-rated SA600 filter, can effectively remove nanoparticles.

You often see HEPA filters rated for 99.97% efficiency against 0.3-micron particles, which are much larger than nanoparticles. Interestingly, 0.3 microns is chosen as the test size because it's actually more challenging to filter than smaller particles due to their size and behavior. Nanoparticles, which can be as small as 0.001 microns, move in random zigzag patterns (Brownian Motion), making them more likely to get trapped in the filter fibers.

So, even though 0.3 microns are larger, HEPA filters can efficiently capture nanoparticles due to this Brownian Motion. This means HEPA filters are highly effective at removing these tiny particles from the air, ensuring nearly 100% filtration.

For more details, you can check out this article from Smart Air

Do I Need to Take the Plastic off the Filters on Both Sides?

Yes, the SA600 operates with air coming from both sides. So please unwrap the filters on both the front and back of the unit.